System Modeling

Matlab Links

Control and Modeling tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink (Site)  

Digital Communication Systems using Matlab and Simulink (D. Silage, site)  

Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Matlab (pdf)  

DSPlog (Site)  

Educational Matlab GUIs (Fillters, Impulse response, Poles & Zeros, Site)  

Gaussian noise in simulink and spectral density (pdf)  

How to solve basic engineering problems using Matlab (N. Abbasi, Site)  

Matlab cheat sheet (Author Jialong He) (pdf)   Matlab cheat sheet (MIT) (pdf)  

Matlab tool box cheat sheet (Author Jialong He) (pdf)  

Matlab Tutorial (Fundamentals of Signals and Systems Using Matlab, Site)  

Matlab tutorial Technical Univeristy of Eindhoven (pdf)  

Overview of Matlab tutorials (Site)  

Plotting in Matlab (3 Page Tutorial) (pdf)  

Simulink Tutorial (Ohio-State University, pdf) 

UDEMY: MATLAB Tutorial: An Introduction to MATLAB  

Bode GUI, SCAM (solving circuit equations symbolically) with Matlab (E. Cheever's Home Page, Site)   

VerilogA Links

Designers-guide VerilogAMS website (Site)  

How to (and how not to) write a compact model in Verilog A (Analog Devices, presentation, pdf)  

How to (and how not to) write a compact model in Verilog-A (Analog Devices, paper, pdf)  

VerilogA Reference manual Agilent (pdf)  

Modeling Programs

Code:: Blocks (Program for writing and compiling C++ programs)  

CPPSIM (a very nice system simulator, Site)  

Maxima (Good computer algebra system) (Site)  

Octave (A matlab clone where most code will simply work in both)